OEM・ODM business

YAMAYA has extensive textile experience to support your business.

We can support you from sketching design to ODM and OEM manufacturing.
YAMAYA's quality control can supprot your brand reputation by offering top qualifty and innovative designs utilizing know-how, knowledge of materials and owership of the patents.
YAMAYA fully complies with privacy policy, NDA and intellectual property right. Your business is assuredly safe with us.

ODMOriginal Design Manufacturing YAMAYA's integrated manufacturing operation is reliable, we handle every work in house including designing, sampling till manufacturing.
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturing Our specialized production lines are capable of duplicating OEM goods in a high capacity.
We think outside the box and look forward in discovering potential and challenging obstacles.
By creating an absolute excellent product, it is essential to expect the unpredictable and having an enthusiasm to look forward in discovering any potential possibility with textile fibers.
The demand of apparatus-suit has become a focal point in the industry. YAMAYA is known as one of the leading company in developing the "apparatus-suit" for the industrial operation workforce while working on assembly sites. We will continue in our study to expand its application for various uses.
We are committed in offering competitive cost and high quality products.
To maintain the highest quality, we insist in making our products in YAMAYA industries, through integrated manufacturing line. Because our production is done in house therefore we are able to control the cost, efficiency, quality and standards. This maintains the highest quality and dependability of our products.

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Product development support

Our product development strengths

Having experience, skill, knowledge and owned patents, because of our reliability and trustworthyness we have earned reputation to work with various partners whether domestic or international. Let us help expand your business.

Propositional ability
Having knowledge in varies textile materials and traits.
Design skill
From professional perspective, we help realize your idea and develop it to tangible prototype.

Before production and commercialisation we create a prototype that can be specially made by our experts to be mass produced in a cost effective manner.
Products quality and safety control.
YAMAYA's profound quality control system requires all inspection membver and equipment maintenance stuffs to comply with company standard.

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