Special processing

Special processing

Varied cut-and-saw.

Complex stitches.


Stitch process
Photo of stitch.
It's to use various sewing machines appropriately, and I'm prepared for all products.
Photo of cutting process
Sponge, rubber, leather and others textiles.

Sublimitation printing
Photo of pattern.
Original pattern can be printed beautifully using this printing method.
Transfer printing
Photo of transfer printing
This type of printing is commonly used on transferring logos.

Screen printing using silicon, acrylic and etc
Photo of screen printing.
Commonly used on logos.
Non slip effect
Photo of non slip effect
A special tool is used to attach silicon onto the surface of the fabric.

Reflective transfer printing
Photo of reflective printing
Reflective transfer printing enhances visual ability in a dark environment.
Photo of embroidery.
A designated pattern or logo can be beautifully embroidered.

Thermal bonding
Photo of thermal bonding.
Attach one fabric to another using thermal bonding method.
Photo of fabric.
Bond two different fabrics together to create a new functional material.

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